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Have you met Seán?

We think it’s right time for you to get to know our team here at Vanguard Beer Collective.  And to start off we have our fabulous craft beer representative, Seán Kenny, answering a few questions about beer, dead people and Irish expressions.  (Just be glad we didn’t ask any questions about his cat ;-)


Coffee or tea?

Tea, milk, no sugar please.

What was the best meal you had this week?

Cheese burger in Bunsen, Wexford St., yum yum.

Which famous person in history would you like to meet for a pint?

I never think about pints with dead people. I met Cam of 8 degrees, Sarah of N17 & David the Dublin Brewer so a pint with more of the Irish craft beer revolutionaries would be great.

What beer is in your fridge right now?

None- don’t get high on your own supply or I can resist anything but temptation :-)

If you were a type of beer which one would you be?

What beer is light, pale, a li’le interesting & occasionally a bit heady?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Cheese alert. The beer sells itself so the people I meet & the places I get to visit are the juice. One place has a Muckser, Goose, Maverick and TwinkleToes to name but a few!

Favorite thing to do on a sunny Dublin afternoon:

That’s easy, go have a look under the sea – I’m a diver!

And your favorite Irish idiom:

I’m waiting for my very next opportunity to add some version of the following to a conversation- ‘and then all the toys were thrown out of the pram’!


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