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Amber-Ella takes home bronze from World Beer Cup

Eight Degrees Brewing pulled a fast one on the American’s and took home a bronze medal in the American Amber Ale category at this year’s World Beer Cup in Colorado.  (I can say this because I am American….and from Colorado.)

Their Amber-Ella beer fits the style perfectly with it’s American and Australian hops and balanced malt flavours. This is a big deal not just for the brewery but for all Irish craft brewers as it helps put Ireland on the map in an American and UK dominated market.

Keep in mind that there were over 4,700 entries from 1,400 breweries from 58 different countries in this “Olympics of beer” competition.  This was no easy feat and we are delighted for the lads (yes I say lads) at Eight Degrees.  Well done!

You can still hear the gittyness in Cam’s voice in an interview here on Today FM (scroll to 46:45)

Now, go grab an Amber-Ella and judge for yourself.



Scott, Mike and Cam


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Summer in Dublin


James delivering KeyKegs of Trouble Brewing Fuzzy Logic Wheat Beer to Sheary’s this morning.

Feels like summer today in Dublin and that’s not just because it is a balmy 12 degrees and sunny outside, but because Fuzzy Logic is gracing our pint glasses.

Trouble Brewing‘s seasonal wheat beer is now available on draught at Sheary’s of Crumlin and it couldn’t have arrived on a better day.

This beers is slightly sweet, with fruit flavours and a light hop bitterness from the Slovenian Bobek hops. It’s smooth and soft texture brings hints of clove on the finish.

So go on, grab a pint before the sun goes down. Tuesday is kind of like Thursday right?  Both start with T’s.







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It’s Called Rye Ale

We are thrilled to announce that N17 Brewing has released their Rye Ale in bottles and they are now available at Redmond’s Off License in Ranelagh and The Pig’s Tale in Gorey, with more locations to be announced soon.  You may have already tasted this delicious brew on draught at your local or at the 2nd Annual Alltech International Craft Brews & Food Fair, now you can enjoy it from the bottle and admire it’s gorgeous label! (photos coming soon :-))

This is our first beer.  It’s called Rye Ale, it’s 5% vol and it’s been made in Ireland by our own hands, so we can guarantee that only good stuff has gone into it, like 4 types of malted grain and 3 types of hops.  We can also guarantee that it’s got no bad stuff in it either, like preservatives or additives. With all the great stuff that’s gone into this beer, it’d be a shame if we only got one great thing out of it.  Fortunately, we take the by-products of the brewing process and use them to make other useful things, like dog treats and oyster mushrooms. That’s because we’re a brewery that likes to squeeze every last drop out of the brewing process. We hope you enjoy every last drop of this ale. Sláinte, from N17.



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Boomers in Clondalkin

Vanguard Beer is now at Boomers Pub in Clondalkin. Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red Ale, Trouble Brewing Deception Golden Ale and Brú Brewery Lager all on draught.

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Beer Course in the Dublin Bar Academy



“The perfect day out for beer connoisseurs”



Included in the course:

  • Headed up by our Beer expert James Winans – owner of Vanguard Beers
  • Taste interesting & unique styles of Beers from around the globe
  • Beer & Food pairing
  • History & Production of beers from Ireland, UK, U.S, Belgium, Germany & Czech Republic
  • DBA Beer Connoisseur Certificate

Visit Dublin Bar Academy for more info

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Black Donkey Brewing

BlackDonkey_sqIn the west of Ireland, deep in the heart of rural Roscommon, in the quiet farming village of Ballinlough, a brewery grows. The brainchild of husband and wife Richard Siberry and Michaela Dillon, Black Donkey Brewing was unleashed, receiving great reviews, onto the beer drinking public for the first time at the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference in Dublin.

A traditionally cautious animal, this Donkey is not one to shy away from adventure and innovation, while still maintaining a very healthy respect for tradition. We aim to use whatever it takes, turbid mashes, spontaneous fermentation, wood ageing, smoked malts, etc. to bring our consumers the best, and most diverse, beers we can make. Full-scale production began in July 2014, bringing Irish, European, American and historical brewing influences together under one roof, and onto the rapidly growing and increasingly exciting Irish craft-brewing scene.

View Black Donkey’s beer on draught here.

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Blacks of Kinsale

sam black_square

Sam and Maudeline, are a husband and wife team, who started their brewing company Kinsale Craft brewery in 2013. This venture/obsession first began many years ago when Maudeline gave Sam a beer making kit for Valentines Day. What started as a hobby quickly developed into an obsession and thus through Sam’s passion and enthusiasm Kinsale Craft brewery became reality. Living the dream since 2013.

“We want to escape the mundane of the mass market by producing beers with passion and personality.”

View Blacks of Kinsale beers here.