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Craft Beer Staff Trainings

Let us help you get the most out of your Irish craft beer offerings.

It isn’t enough that craft breweries are popping up left and right all over Ireland.  Nor is it enough that the consumer is open and willing to try something new.  The success of the market depends on the knowledge and skills of the On and Off Premise staff who are selling craft beer.

James Winans, who hosts regular beer appreciation courses at the Dublin Bar Academy, is now offering craft beer training to all our customers at no extra cost. These trainings cover everything from beer styles and flavour profiles, to Irish brewery introductions and food pairings. Watch your craft beer sales rise as your employees offer a unique experience of knowledge and passion with every pint.

Consumers are looking to getting a little bit more out of their pint, they want an experience.  They want to know what is in their beer, they want to know who makes it and they want to know why it’s good.  This is where businesses need to step up if they are planning on stocking craft beer. It is the restaurants and pubs who show a real interest and passion for craft beer that move the most product.

We seek to create ambassadors with the knowledge, communication skills and, most importantly, the passion to inspire others to discover, respect and enjoy craft beer.

If you would like to schedule training for your staff please email
or ring Julie at (083) 175 1670.


Click here to learn more about the Dublin Bar Academy Beer Appreciation Courses.

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