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Boyne Brewhouse

boynebrewhouseBoyne Brewhouse is a family company, born and believed by Patrick and Marie Cooney, along with their family; Sally-Anne, Calestine, Peter, Patrick and James. With a combined wealth of experience over forty years in the Irish drinks industry, the Cooney family are deeply passionate about all things craft and understand what it takes to make truly exceptional beer.



View all their beers here.


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Mountain Man Brewing

image“From humble beginnings of brewing in caves, old sheds, under hedges or between herds of cows and sheep to avoid the unwelcome gaze of the local constabulary, Mountain Man now brews beer on the move using bigger pots over much larger fires and bin bags full of hops, in various undisclosed locations around the country, ready to move operations at the slightest sound of a siren or hint of a flashing blue light.  

Founded in late 2012 by Phil and Sue Cullen, Mountain Man Brewing was West Cork’s first entry to the Irish craft beer scene.  Phil’s first introduction to full flavoured beers was during a visit to a Belfast beer festival in 1995.  Phil subsequently learned to brew from a master brewer while living in Canada in the late 1990’s and continued to fine tune his brewing skills over the following years, obtaining a General Certificate in Brewing.  It was over this time that Phil developed the recipes for the beers you enjoy today as Green Bullet Pale Ale, Hairy Goat IPA and Sneaky Owl Dark Ale.  

At Mountain Man, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we want people to experience something more than just a beer, therefore we offer our bottled beers with the benefit of a quirky label that’s got as much unrestrained madness and laughs as we can fit on every label.  The madness you read on each bottle is straight from the minds of both Phil and Sue, with Phil’s more outlandish ideas curtailed for meet the brewer events.”


View Mountain Man beers here.

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Longueville House

NO REPRO FEE 27/05/2013. Tradition meets innovation at 2013 EirGrid Euro-Toques Food Awards. At today's Euro-Toques Food Awards, sponsored by EirGrid, Ireland's top chefs honoured farmers, fishermen and producers who have ensured the survival of some of our most traditional food produce through enterprise and innovation. All five awards, presented at a reception hosted by Ella McSweeney in Residence Club on St. Stephen's Green this afternoon, went to businesses involving foods with a long history in Ireland's food and farming heritage. Pictured is award recipient William O'Callaghan, producer of Longueville House Cider, near Mallow, Co. Cork. Photo: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Longueville House Cider was first developed by the late Michael O’Callaghan back in 2000 as a means to an end in making his Apple Brandy. A pioneering spirit he planted 25 acres of Dabinett and Michelin cider apples at the north-west side of the property based in the heart of The Blackwater Valley. The apples are harvested in the autumn every year. Once picked the apples are crushed and pressed in an oak cider press machine located in the cider house on our farm. The pressed juice is naturally fermented over time incorporating natural sugars in the juice and natural yeast on apples and in the atmosphere, resulting in a rich amber coloured cider. The cider is then filtered, carbonated and pasteurised.

View their cider here.

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Third Circle Brewing

brewmaster_jon_grennan_1Third Circle is an independent Irish microbrewery that has its beginnings in Kilcoole, Co Wicklow, where Third Circle director and brewer Jon Grennan grew up. In common with many Third Wave craft brewers, Jon’s journey into the industry began with home brewing where he developed a fascination and love for the art and science of beer. With a background in biology, where he worked for over 10 years in freshwater ecology, Jon takes the scientist’s precision and approach to brewing, mixing it with a healthy appetite for risk and new tastes.

Third Circle has just taken delivery of its shiny new 1,100 litre brewery. A pre-loved VPS system, it has spent the last eight years decocting fine Pilsner lagers in the Czech hills. In collaboration with our friends in Stone Barrel Brewing, we are working towards the brewery being fully operational in Spring 2016. In the meantime, Third Circle continues brewing at Craftworks in Cabra, Dublin 7.

View their beers here.

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N17 Brewery

sarahIntroducing N17, a brewery that squeezes every last drop out of the brewing process.  Launched in January of 2014 by Sarah Roarty, N17 has found another eight products they can get out of making a humble pint.  Mushrooms, dog biscuits, even fish farming and that’s just the start.  So not only does their beer taste good, it inpsires imagination and does good too.

“Everything = Value.
This is the ethos and vision that inspires us at N17 – we see value in everything and everyone. “

N17 Brewery’s home is in Tuam, Co. Galway just off the N17 ;-)

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Independent Brewing

kevin-oharaIndependent Brewing is based in Carraroe, in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht. Trading since January 2014, this craft brewery has already established itself as an artisan producer of award winning, local tasty beers. We also have the distinction of being the only craft brewery in the Connemara Gaeltacht.

Award-Winning Beers We were awarded a Silver medal at the Global Craft Brewers Awards in Berlin and won the best Ale and Lager category at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards. We are very proud of the fact that a Galway craft brewery can win such esteemed recognition.

Into the West Carraroe is a small village nestled in the heart of Connemara on the rugged Atlantic coastline of the West of Ireland, with a backdrop of “savage beauty” of stony fields, small lakes and windswept bogs. Much like Connemara itself, our beers are local and artisan as opposed to the mass produced offerings of global companies. This local crafting of our beer is reflected in the unique taste of our beers.

Just a mile from our Connemara microbrewery is the Coral Strand or Trá an Dóilín. This beautiful beach is made of tiny pieces of maerl, which is very coral-like in appearance. This unique local feature provided the inspiration for our artwork. Like the Coral Strand, our beers are a natural product with no added chemicals or additives. We use only the best ingredients in our award-winning and full-flavoured craft beers. They are carefully handcrafted and brewed for your enjoyment.

If you head out west from Galway city, out past Spiddal and Casla to Carraroe, you may catch the faint whiff of mashing barley on the breeze.

View Independent beers here.

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Drew Fox Brewing

11738002_908699602510882_953845111798626988_nDrew Fox Brewing is Wexford’s newest Irish Craft Brewery and was founded by Malcolm and Andrea Molloy. Malcolm, a Dublin native, lived in the USA for many years and met his Texan wife Andrea in Chicago. The couple own a pub in Chicago called The Grafton Pub & Grill. Their love of craft beer developed in the windy city. Malcolm and Andrea moved to Ireland with their three kids in 2010 and relocated to Wexford in the sunny southeast. Malcolm wanted to start a new business in Ireland.  The couple were watching and supporting the growth of the Craft Beer Industry in Ireland and in the spirit of adventure decided to join the movement by establishing an Irish Craft Brewery.

In a spirit of adventure and curiosity, they have created Clever Man Irish Craft Beers. Check them out here!


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Galway Hooker

about_squareGalway Hooker was established in 2006 by two first cousins, Aidan Murphy and Ronan Brennan. Aidan has over ten years experience in the brewing industry and has worked in several breweries around the world. He also holds a master’s degree in Brewing and Distilling. Ronan knows everything there is to know about craft beer and takes care of all our customers.

They consider beer to be like any other food: the fresher and less processed the better. Their beers are therefore devoid of any preservatives and are brewed using only malt, hops yeast and water. Aidan and Ronan are passionate about producing exciting and innovative beers that are bursting with flavour and character. Galway Hooker was the first permanent pale ale to be produced in Ireland and is widely regarded as a leading light in the Irish craft beer sector. It has now firmly established itself as a favourite amongst beer enthusiasts.

Click here for Galway Hooker beers

Visit for more info.