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Amber-Ella takes home bronze from World Beer Cup

Eight Degrees Brewing pulled a fast one on the American’s and took home a bronze medal in the American Amber Ale category at this year’s World Beer Cup in Colorado.  (I can say this because I am American….and from Colorado.)

Their Amber-Ella beer fits the style perfectly with it’s American and Australian hops and balanced malt flavours. This is a big deal not just for the brewery but for all Irish craft brewers as it helps put Ireland on the map in an American and UK dominated market.

Keep in mind that there were over 4,700 entries from 1,400 breweries from 58 different countries in this “Olympics of beer” competition.  This was no easy feat and we are delighted for the lads (yes I say lads) at Eight Degrees.  Well done!

You can still hear the gittyness in Cam’s voice in an interview here on Today FM (scroll to 46:45)

Now, go grab an Amber-Ella and judge for yourself.



Scott, Mike and Cam


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