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Month: April 2014

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May Craft Beer Events

We are looking forward to some fun, beer (and food) filled events this month.  Take a peak!

First up is the Killruddery House and Gardens Craft Beer and Cider Market this Saturday 3rd of May from 10 am to 6pm.  This is your chance to meet the people behind the beer and cider as they serve up some tasty brews.

Then we have a Bo Bristle Brewer’s Night at Hugh Lynch’s Pub and Restaurant Friday 16th May at 8pm where head brewer Dave Guilfoyle will talk about the beer with free samples and a Q&A sesh.

Lastly, we are thrilled to be participating in this year’s Ballymaloe Literary Food Fest 16-18 May where we will giving a short food and beer pairing demo in The Shed.




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Beer and Food Pairing: Bo Bristle Amber Ale and Harissa Steak Salad

It’s Friday afternoon and the sun is shining so thought we would bring you little weekend meal inspiration with a yummy harissa steak salad recipe.

We paired up with the talented chef and food stylist Jette Virdi to create this simple light meal that tastes great with Bo Bristle’s Amber Ale.

The beer’s light roast malt flavour is pairs nicely with the caramelization of the steak while the spice from the harissa brings out the hops on the finish.  We found it to be a delicious union and we hope you do to!  Please feel free to share your comments below.


Harissa Steak Salad Recipe:

Serves 4 as small starter


1 large sirloin aged steak

Harissa paste ( bought or made yourself , see below)

250g baby leaf mixed salad

Juice of 1 lime

Salt and pepper


Spread a good amount of Harissa paste over both sides of steak and leave overnight.

Heat griddle pan.



Wash and drain salad, place in bowl and squeeze lime juice over, give it a good mix.



Once griddle pan is hot place steak and cook roughly 3 mins on each side depending how thick. This should give you medium cook.



Slice and lay over salad, season and serve with Bo Bristle Amber Ale. The perfect summer starter!


Harissa recipe:

3 garlic cloves

4 red chillies

Good glug of olive oil

Cumin seeds

Coriander seeda


Pop everything into a blender and whizz up well. Taste and adjust, may need salt and pepper,

Squeeze of lime. Will last in fridge for roughly a week.


Jette Virdi is a regular contributor to Easy Food Magazine and Image Magazine and is co-founder of The Workshop People, a one-stop-workshop for an evening of bespoke food, DIY, meeting new people, plus a couple beverages, all under one roof.  You can follow Jette @WoodandC or visit her website
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Have you met Seán?

We think it’s right time for you to get to know our team here at Vanguard Beer Collective.  And to start off we have our fabulous craft beer representative, Seán Kenny, answering a few questions about beer, dead people and Irish expressions.  (Just be glad we didn’t ask any questions about his cat ;-)


Coffee or tea?

Tea, milk, no sugar please.

What was the best meal you had this week?

Cheese burger in Bunsen, Wexford St., yum yum.

Which famous person in history would you like to meet for a pint?

I never think about pints with dead people. I met Cam of 8 degrees, Sarah of N17 & David the Dublin Brewer so a pint with more of the Irish craft beer revolutionaries would be great.

What beer is in your fridge right now?

None- don’t get high on your own supply or I can resist anything but temptation :-)

If you were a type of beer which one would you be?

What beer is light, pale, a li’le interesting & occasionally a bit heady?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Cheese alert. The beer sells itself so the people I meet & the places I get to visit are the juice. One place has a Muckser, Goose, Maverick and TwinkleToes to name but a few!

Favorite thing to do on a sunny Dublin afternoon:

That’s easy, go have a look under the sea – I’m a diver!

And your favorite Irish idiom:

I’m waiting for my very next opportunity to add some version of the following to a conversation- ‘and then all the toys were thrown out of the pram’!


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Amber-Ella takes home bronze from World Beer Cup

Eight Degrees Brewing pulled a fast one on the American’s and took home a bronze medal in the American Amber Ale category at this year’s World Beer Cup in Colorado.  (I can say this because I am American….and from Colorado.)

Their Amber-Ella beer fits the style perfectly with it’s American and Australian hops and balanced malt flavours. This is a big deal not just for the brewery but for all Irish craft brewers as it helps put Ireland on the map in an American and UK dominated market.

Keep in mind that there were over 4,700 entries from 1,400 breweries from 58 different countries in this “Olympics of beer” competition.  This was no easy feat and we are delighted for the lads (yes I say lads) at Eight Degrees.  Well done!

You can still hear the gittyness in Cam’s voice in an interview here on Today FM (scroll to 46:45)

Now, go grab an Amber-Ella and judge for yourself.



Scott, Mike and Cam


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Summer in Dublin


James delivering KeyKegs of Trouble Brewing Fuzzy Logic Wheat Beer to Sheary’s this morning.

Feels like summer today in Dublin and that’s not just because it is a balmy 12 degrees and sunny outside, but because Fuzzy Logic is gracing our pint glasses.

Trouble Brewing‘s seasonal wheat beer is now available on draught at Sheary’s of Crumlin and it couldn’t have arrived on a better day.

This beers is slightly sweet, with fruit flavours and a light hop bitterness from the Slovenian Bobek hops. It’s smooth and soft texture brings hints of clove on the finish.

So go on, grab a pint before the sun goes down. Tuesday is kind of like Thursday right?  Both start with T’s.