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Month: March 2014

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It’s Called Rye Ale

We are thrilled to announce that N17 Brewing has released their Rye Ale in bottles and they are now available at Redmond’s Off License in Ranelagh and The Pig’s Tale in Gorey, with more locations to be announced soon.  You may have already tasted this delicious brew on draught at your local or at the 2nd Annual Alltech International Craft Brews & Food Fair, now you can enjoy it from the bottle and admire it’s gorgeous label! (photos coming soon :-))

This is our first beer.  It’s called Rye Ale, it’s 5% vol and it’s been made in Ireland by our own hands, so we can guarantee that only good stuff has gone into it, like 4 types of malted grain and 3 types of hops.  We can also guarantee that it’s got no bad stuff in it either, like preservatives or additives. With all the great stuff that’s gone into this beer, it’d be a shame if we only got one great thing out of it.  Fortunately, we take the by-products of the brewing process and use them to make other useful things, like dog treats and oyster mushrooms. That’s because we’re a brewery that likes to squeeze every last drop out of the brewing process. We hope you enjoy every last drop of this ale. Sláinte, from N17.