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Month: March 2012

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Black Donkey Brewing

BlackDonkey_sqIn the west of Ireland, deep in the heart of rural Roscommon, in the quiet farming village of Ballinlough, a brewery grows. The brainchild of husband and wife Richard Siberry and Michaela Dillon, Black Donkey Brewing was unleashed, receiving great reviews, onto the beer drinking public for the first time at the 2014 European Beer Bloggers Conference in Dublin.

A traditionally cautious animal, this Donkey is not one to shy away from adventure and innovation, while still maintaining a very healthy respect for tradition. We aim to use whatever it takes, turbid mashes, spontaneous fermentation, wood ageing, smoked malts, etc. to bring our consumers the best, and most diverse, beers we can make. Full-scale production began in July 2014, bringing Irish, European, American and historical brewing influences together under one roof, and onto the rapidly growing and increasingly exciting Irish craft-brewing scene.

View Black Donkey’s beer on draught here.

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Blacks of Kinsale

sam black_square

Sam and Maudeline, are a husband and wife team, who started their brewing company Kinsale Craft brewery in 2013. This venture/obsession first began many years ago when Maudeline gave Sam a beer making kit for Valentines Day. What started as a hobby quickly developed into an obsession and thus through Sam’s passion and enthusiasm Kinsale Craft brewery became reality. Living the dream since 2013.

“We want to escape the mundane of the mass market by producing beers with passion and personality.”

View Blacks of Kinsale beers here. 

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Trouble Brewing

TroubleBrewingPSBWTrouble Brewing was founded when three friends, Thomas Prior, Stephen Clinch and Paul O Connor had visited one too many pubs that had no variety in the beers available, and decided that something needed to be done about it. So over a few of Thomas’s home-brewed bottles they set about starting a brewery that would go some way to addressing the issue.

Figuring that beer should be presented in a humorous and fun way, they chose to name the brewery Trouble Brewing. Now they make dangerously flavourful beers full of character inside and out.

Click here to view their beers.